Unlocking Your Car Radio Security Code

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When you buy a car either new or used, a car radio security system is already installed on it, which either came from the factory of the car or bought in auto supplies. Car radio is not just place in a car for entertainment purposes; it is rather for security reason. Car radio security has code that protects the car. So if ever the car is stolen, there is a great chance for the car to be traced. Car radio signals emits sounds that help in tracing the location of the car. Car radio security codes are not all the same; they vary depending on the make and model of the radio and the type of car it is installed. There are car radio security systems that are made especially for specific kind of car whose program is suited for it.
Though there is a great problem regarding this when you buy a used car, since factory car radio security codes are given are given to its original buyer, who over the years might have lost the security code. Car radio security codes are always needed incase your car breakdown or need repairing or when battery was disconnected. When the battery is reconnected you need to press the car radio security code for it’s alarm to function gain. Car radio security codes are often three to four digit codes.
If you have forgotten the code or never knew it, there are experts into decoding or recoding your car radio security code whom you can pay for their services. Or you can talk with the factory where the radio came from and ask for the code, which is a big hassle especially when your car is an every day necessity for you. There are as well sites that can help you find the car radio security code but doing this thing on your own needs a lot of cautious in your part or else you might just mess more your security code.

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  1. Heckler Says:

    Article was a waste of time

  2. Brawler Says:


    Agree completely with Heckler. Thanks for wasting my time.

  3. Seno KV Says:

    I need code for BLAUPUNKTCAR 300 (D); GM0300W5166227; 7 647 852 320

  4. Seno KV Says:

    I need code for BLAUPUNKT CAR 300 (D); GM0300W5166227; 7 647 852 320

  5. tommy samuel Says:

    i need code for toyota camry xle 1997 car stereo code
    SERIAL no, r4512334
    PAT 4,604,708

  6. dolcegabana Says:

    i need the unlock code for blaupunkt antares t60
    serial n BP998015659608

  7. yomi Says:

    i need the security code for toyota car stereo serial number 37803.

  8. davie Says:

    this is the greatest information i have ever seen i can sleep easy knowing this

  9. robert Says:

    i have a chevy malibu and i have the code but still cant unlock it how do you do it

  10. Dari Says:

    Hi! I lost my auto car security code after changed the battery. My car is renault clio with serial number Vf1cb1dof26926583. can any one help me please?

  11. Bogdan Says:

    Hi! I have an Opel Corsa and I changed the battery and then my radio asked for the security code. The previous owner didn’t give it to me so now i’m in deep trouble. It is a Blaupunkt and the serials on the radio are:
    GM 453116246
    No: 13127011
    Type: Car 2003
    Please help me! Please give me the security code! Thank you very much!

  12. George Says:

    I have a suzuki ignis 2003.
    I need the security code.
    Please help me. Thanks!

  13. George Says:

    I have a suzuki ignis 2003.
    I need the security code (Blaupunkt)
    Please help me. Thanks!

  14. Marcus Says:

    Hello, I own a 2004 Chevy Optra. I disconnected the battery and now I need the security code for the radio to work again. Please advise. Thanks much!

  15. david tomasek Says:

    5 97081207643063510 8 39101-86G10 ID39101-86G1

  16. julo Says:


    I need a code for my cass (Opel) Philips Car 400 ( model: GM 040023219307, NO: 24 455 379
    TIPY: CAR 400, 2F3



    Sir, I purchased my Mercedes Benz ML 320 SUV 2001 model in Lagos as third hand only to discover that the radio is requesting for a security code to play. The car dealer does not have the codes. Please help me, i am in a hot soup. VIN : 4JGAB54E41A258465
    RADIO SERIAL NUMBER: AL 4210 1 08 13097.
    Thank you.

  18. Ambrose Mugisha Says:

    I have a Mitsubishi magna model 2003 I just bought second hand. It has a security coded radio and is giving me headache. when I start the vehicle, the radio goes on for about 3-4 minutes and then goes off automatically. It then indicates code on the radio screen. How do I unlock the radio? The car has a lock and open security system as well

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