Find A Family In A Custom Car Club

It is obvious that cars and fear of heights have nothing In common, so why the name Acrophobias Custom Car Club? For the sake of uniqueness. Acrophobias Custom Car Club is initially an exclusive big truck club, though there are already cars in the club. They have more than 20 chapters across America and are still opening on some states, while Japan and Australia have existing chapters already. Acrophobias Custom Car Club members everywhere have one thing in common: love for customizing their vehicles with a family attitude. Though this is not the only thing they do if they are together; they have party, car show and they keep a store where members can buy club’s memorabilia. This activities enable them to bond with each other enjoying the company of others and their vehicles.

Getting into this club is never easy; they have vehicle and member’s qualification for anyone who wish to join, which they say is for the purpose of having that quality vehicle and people. For the vehicle, your wheels should be 17 inches or bigger, primer is a no, no, only flat paints are allowed. Vehicle should be clean in the interior and exterior at all times especially during car shows and meetings. A member should always attend scheduled meeting, so strong commitment to the club should be given. Despite the vehicle qualification, they look more for the personality and attitude of the prospect member. What really binds the members other than their vehicles is their strong relationship with each other and their love for the club, which members consider it as one of their home. With their strict policy on their vehicles and members, it is no wonder they often won on car shows they were even chosen 2006 Club of the Year by Mini Truckin.  All of these accomplished within 9 years after their founding on 1998.