Custom Painting RC Body

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Making a custom car is really rewarding for a car enthusiast; so other than customizing the vehicles, radio cars or commonly called RC cars are being customized as well to give a unique personality. One of the great things about RC cars is the wide variety of bodies and paint schemes a car enthusiast can choose from to customize. If you want to customize, there are available RC kits that comes with each parts and you can just assemble it. Painting your RC is the greatest part of customizing it, it’s exciting and you just can’t wait to finish and see that great painting you have than on your RC body. This is where life is given to RC car, giving it the personality through its paint.

RC are actually much difficult to paint, especially if you plan to have many colors and design rather than using decal; it is for the fact that is small thus such detailed should be given. There are two ways to custom paint your RC Body – spray can and the airbrush method. Spray can is easier and the most widely used. Before going into the painting itself, wash the body with warm water mixed with liquid detergent to remove any dust inside. Make use of tools that are available to make your job easier. Learn the necessary steps and precautions needed, such as the drying time, other basic materials that will be helpful such as those masking tape or hair dryer. Don’t forget the decals to ass that extra touch of personality. Custom Painting RC body is challenging for those who will done it for the first time, yet as you go along you will be able to discover many techniques and style to help you. Learning to paint RC Car needs patience, practice and commitment to end up having RC which you will be proud of.

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