Spade Kreations, Custom Car Fabricator

Almost every thing in a custom car can be done any car owner or enthusiast; except for fabrication. Skilled people who studied custom car fabrication in a school do this work. It is very complicated work, because it involves a lot of customization in the car’s engine, other car interior’s part and mechanical engineering background. To make a great car fabrication, a fabricator should have broad knowledge regarding the equipments to be use such as Pipe benders, Mig welders, plasma cutter, sheet metal shrinker, metal shear and many other more.

 One of the known custom car fabricator is Spade Kreations located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rick Spade founded the company in 1999. Spade Kreations work in a 40,000 square feet facility together with its staff to build custom vehicles, boats, motorcycles and other kind of vehicle for their clients. Due to their great work in custom car fabrication, they actually won the Designer’s Award from Daimler Chrysler. One of the cars they built was featured in Rides Magazine and on “Powerblock” a weekend program on Spike TV.
You don’t want to trust your car fabrication with just anybody, so make sure you got the best custom car fabricator around. To get a quote from Spike Kreations and other information, check out their site:

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