Made In Malaysia

In the early years of 1950’s Malaysia’s car industry was very dependent from auto manufacturers of other nations. Most of their vehicles and car accessories were imported. But when they started to make their own car, they also started to make their own car accessories and now, they are exporting their made. Other than exporting car accessories, they also assembled cars coming from other countries.

Some of the car accessories they export are car stereo, floor mats, lighting, side steps and many more. They also export automotive parts like steering wheels, vehicle wheels, bumper, gearboxes, radiators, brakes, clutches. Car accessories made in Malaysian are known around the world for its quality and reasonable price. Auto shops in your area may have car accessories made in Malaysia; maybe some of your auto parts and accessories are actually Malaysian made. They are available on -line. Despite their hard work of making their products in  good quality, there are still some who doubts auto part and accessories made in Malaysia.