Insure Your Classic Car

To a classic car owner, his car is a valuable possession. Classic cars are very glamorous, expensive and needs high maintenance. That is why insuring or protecting it is a must. When looking for classic car insurance, make sure that the insurance is specifically suited for a classic car. In choosing an insurance provider, make sure that you clearly understand how they define a classic car. Even if your classic car is a classic but it might not be the same for a classic car insurance provider. Getting a classic car insurance can be confusing since car insurance companies different definition of a classic car, the type of coverage, the cost and the process of claiming.

Basically, a classic car is 15 years older or more which can be restored or . Determined the value of the classic car, agree with your insurer the genuine value of your classic car. Insurer will only pay you the genuine value of the car where both of you agreed upon. There are other considerations for your classic car to be cover with classic car insurance like the car should be a second car, which mean that you do not use it every day, for a high performance car the minimum age of the driver must be 35 years old.

But not all classic car insurance are the same, one should compare and make a lot of research which insurer gives the best service of protection. Choose an insurer that really understand classic car vehicles, check as well if their claiming procedure is fast, that they have a good customer service and of course the rate.