Grey And Parallel Import Cars

Posted by admin in Cars,Used Cars (December 17, 2007 at 2:18 am)

Buying car from abroad or importing a car is getting popular nowadays. It is another option for car buyers who normally have the choices of buying cars from car dealers and car auctions. Many people do consider importing a car to get better value for their money.  There are only two kinds of import cars; the grey and parallel import cars. If you import a car that has UK a specification that is called parallel imports. When you import a car that has no UK specifications; which means that the car is only available in its origin country that is a grey import. 

Many grey import cars are those Japan cars that do not have UK spec, many prefer to buy Japan cars because they come in great specifications but its insurance can cost more and may need some extra work to follow the UK legislation.  Its parts and supplies are hard to find too and they do not have manufacturer’s warranty.  But if you want to have a different car that only you will have you’ll go for grey import cars.

Though there are many grey imports, many choose to get the parallel imports because they are easier to find. One does not have to patch with things in the car because it is already UK specs so there are no more worries about it. Plus it usually still has manufacturer’s warranty. Whatever kind of import cars we choose to buy, it is important to really compare because you might just be able to save a little to make it comply with your country’s specification.

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