Basic Equipment Of Car Stereos

Posted by admin in Car Audio (December 18, 2007 at 12:36 am)

Car stereos nowadays are getting complicated. Some car enthusiasts are not satisfied with the basic equipment of car stereos, more and more equipments are being added to the simple basic equipment of car stereos. If one just wanted to replace the factory radio and get rid of the dull sound from it, you just simply have to have the basic equipment of car stereos.
 The first thing the one needs for a car stereo is a CD deck that comes with built in amplifier that can power the speakers; MP3 readable is much recommended to be able to play hundred of songs.  The CD deck must have LCD that displays the tracks and 3 – band equalizer. The equalizer will adjust the sound through the bass and treble producing a sound to your liking.

 To replace you factory radio, you only need a speaker and a CD deck, which is if you only want to hear music playing with a quality sound as your drive. Though this still may vary depending upon the kind of music you go for. If you go for hip – hop, it’s great with sub – woofers, so you may want to add it to your car stereo. One can go away with those flashy or blinking lights in car deck. But if you have the budget, obviously you can afford other car stereo accessories.

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