The Problem With Loud Car Stereos

Posted by admin in Car Audio (December 18, 2007 at 1:28 am)

 Car stereos are placed in the car for the purpose of entertaining us during a long drive. Now it is not only for the purpose of listening but has become a passionate hobby for others and becoming an important part of cultural identity and lifestyle. Adding additional equipments like subwoofers, big speakers to the basic car stereo change the car stereo trend of today. These additional equipments make the sound of car stereo very loud, catching the attention of many people.

 Though loud speakers are cool for those who like playing their music very loud;  it has become one of the most common problem in many areas and to many authorities. Sound from loud speaker is not only heard but also felt; it is due to the vibration of the sounds through the sub woofer speaker. Loud car stereos irritate many people; this can also lead to road accidents because drivers cannot hear the emergency signals.

 It may seem that loud car stereo is just a small thing to create this issue, but it does really create various road and area problems. There is nothing wrong with playing music and expressing identity and culture but we should as always be considerate of others because others are also considerate of us. We all need to think of others too and not only of ourselves so we can make our world a better place and will have more time, long life listening to our fave music over our car stereos.

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