Feautures Of Early Vintage Cars

Classic cars, antique cars are also referred to vintage cars. But there are some debates regarding the age of these three cars though somehow they closely refer to one another. Among the three vintage cars are the oldest as they are generally categorized as cars built between 1919 and 1930. Classic cars on the other hand are classified as cars made 25 years ago. Thus, if one would calculate, vintage cars then are the oldest among the three. Classic car clubs have no exact definition of these three old cars – classic cars, antique cars and vintage cars.

 Though discussions regarding the exact year of vintage cars may not end, during this era of vintage cars many car feautures where introduced. During the vintage cars were the first to use these car features; vintage cars first used the heating system in car. Radios, power steering and four wheel braking were introduced during this era too. Vintage cars then were more than just a transportation but also they were comfort and convenience.