Proper Care Of Car Cover

A car cover is designed to protect our vehicle from any falling dirt while in garage. It must no be use to cover car while towing; a car cover that is damaged while covering the car can also damaged the car itself. Make sure to tie down the loops and ropes securely, loops and ropes are designed to be tied down so that even those dust or dirt coming under the car will not go to the car. Every thing in a car cover must be properly used to protect the car.

In return to this, the car owner should also protect and clean the car cover. There are two ways to clean car cover; either by washing or wiping it depending on the kind of car cover you have. Many of the car cover can be washed at home with a washing machine and dryers. Do not use detergent soap with bleach and never wash it with hot water. If car cover is not properly washed or is never washed, it will in time damage the car through small lines we will not notice easily. Read instruction in how to wash car cover properly for your car to benefit with car cover that is well taken care after.