Car Alarms, Keeping Away Intruders

Car alarms are placed in the car as a theft fighting device. It is an electronic device composed of sensors connected to some siren that emits high- volume sound when someone opened the door or when some circuit was breached. The usual car alarms use sirens, klaxon or pre – recorded voice that discourage theft to open the car.

Car alarms have computer control unit which controls the alarm system, it makes the siren sounds when the sensors sees or fell something or is triggered by outside elements that can trigger it. Sensors are connected to the computer control unit and are placed almost all over the car which can be easily triggered. Things that can trigger cal alarms to produce sound are vibrations, touching the car or even movements in the car created by the car owner. There is a battery, other than the car’s battery, where the computer control unit and siren is connected so that even if the car is off the car alarm will still work.

Despite its basic function, car alarms were really not appreciated because of the time, it always sends false alarms because it can easily be triggered by just any outside elements.


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