Expiration of Car Seats

Expiry dates seems to be more appropriate with foods other than accessories especially with children’s car seats. Children’s car seats place an important role in the safety of children in the case of car accident. Car seats can actually save lives, if not lessen the impact of the accident to the children. Many countries seen this importance; that is why though it may seem inappropriate, they implemented that manufacturers place expiry dates of car seats in the product.

Car seats overtime do not work well; people who have car seats that are expired are putting their children’s life at risk. Over time, car seats’ plastic can be damage due to frequent use and exposure to sunlight; labels are difficult to read because it faded along with the safety instructions getting lost. Often times, children’s car seats regulation changes, thus it is important to know whether the car seat you have is under that regulation. If it is about children’s safety in car, parents should just not get any car seats that “seem” to be good.