When Car Alarms Emit False Alarms

 Car alarms are installed in cars for the main reason to keep away intruders; they are anti-theft device. The problem with car alarms is that they are easily triggered by almost anything; vibrations, touching the car, movements done even by car owner which actually were never successful in fighting intruders. Car alarm sensors cannot distinguish intruders from not, as long as they are triggered by anything they will emit sound.

 Due to that most of the alarms of car alarms were false alarms, which never help fighting theft and more to it, they became noisemakers rather than anti-theft device. Car alarms can sound up to 125 decibels which does not only disturb others but destroyed their hearing as well. Some states have actually discouraged car owners to use car alarms by actually fining them if there car alarms don’t turn off immediately.

 There are other ways car owners can fight intruders effectively without making loud noises or disturbing others. There is the vehicle tracking system, which enables the police to trace the location of a stolen car.  There is also the two –way pager, which informs the car owner when there is car intruder. There is also the manufacturer – installed immobilizers which shut –off the car’s ignition system when someone tries to break through the car. Keeping our car safe is important but it does not need to disturb others.