Insuring Modified Cars

Modified cars have become a popular hobby and many car owners now prefer to modify their car for its improvement. Modified cars are increasing in numbers that s why many insurance companies have seen the need of modified cars for insurance just like any other cars. Modified cars need to be insured with an insurance suited for a modified car. Modified cars are not new cars and so their value is different from it even from used cars.

It is hard to find quality cover for modified cars, often modified car owners will just have to settle for what the insurance company can give even if it is not a quality cover. But there are insurance companies that specialize in modified cars. Getting insurance from these companies will give modified cars quality cover yet at affordable prices. The cost of the modified car insurance will highly depend on the parts that were modified in the car as well as the age of the driver.

Here is a sample quote from Herts Insurance who specializes in modified car insurance.
Ford Escort Turbo
Modified: Air Filter, Exhaust, Lowered, Alloys, Dump Valve
Male: 28
Postcode: TN10
Car value: £5,000
4 Years NCB
£302 fully comp