Champ Cars

Car racing is one of the world’s popular sports nowadays, and champ cars are one of the popular cars used in car racing. Champ car which is an abbreviation for “Championship Car” is the race car used in the Champ Car World Series. Champ Car and Formula One do looks like the same but there are differences between the two especially when it comes to their engine.

Champ car is a very unique race car because it is a single –seat race car wherein the driver is the only one which can ride the car and the fact that it is an open wheel. Champ car has carbon fiber body, great engines and speeds up to 240 mph. Champ cars race are usually done in oval tracks with smooth surface unlike of the NASCAR which is usually done in dirt tracks where it is bumpy. Sebastian Bourdais of Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing Team from France is the champion of 2007 Champ Car World Series.


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