The Rise, Fall and Rise Of Diesel Cars

Posted by admin in Concept Cars (January 2, 2008 at 4:26 pm)

In the early 1980’s diesel cars were very in demand; many people choose to have these cars for the lack of petroleum during those times. Despite the condition of diesel cars before; noisy, smelly and the risk of using diesel cars during cold-weather many patronized it. During that period many models were made by different car manufacturers. Some of the diesel cars that time were Nissan Sentra, Impala, Toyota Camry, Ford Escort and other more diesel cars.

But due to problems that aroused brought by diesel cars critics, car owners then refused to get diesel cars plus the fact that lack of petroleum was solved and actually the price went down. And now, gasoline’s price is increasing and people are getting worried about their gasoline expenses. The problem with diesel cars as to the noise, smells and risk are already solved due to technology advancement and going green. Car owners are seeing now the advantage of diesel cars over petroleum cars and so the industry of diesel cars is starting to build up again. No wonder that there are already many diesel cars that will be out for released this year; while some are already in the market and plenty to choose from. Some of them are Audi A3, BMW 120d, Citroen C4, Holden Astra, Mercedes – Benz B180, Volkswagen Golf and many more.

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