Topless Car Wash, Legal or Illegal?

Posted by admin in Cars (January 10, 2008 at 5:34 am)

Is topless car wash illegal? How about if the topless car wash men do the job? Will that be legal?

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 We often relate topless car wash to women doing this cleaning. Bu yes, man women are really into topless car wash. Some do it for a living, while some do it for charity. Yes, they were indeed able to pay bills and raise huge funds for charity. Many guys will really fall in line for a topless car wash.  It’s just that topless car wash women don’t last because it is illegal, though some can get away with it.

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 How about if men are the topless? Will the same support be given? There are actually several topless carwash done by men that I know of but many of it was done for charity. For many people to support it, a signed board with topless car wash will be advertise, seeing these many people will really go and upon entering the car wash area they were really topless, it’s just that they were men instead of women they were expecting. I’m sure it was such a big surprise.

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