12% Decrease In Ford Car Sales

According to MSNBC auto news auto sales will be getting down even more for this year compared to last year’s sale. This is according to several auto analysts and this prediction applies to all car manufacturers including Ford. Ford has been in number 2 position for a long time when it comes to car sales and they were hoping to be number 1.

But analysts thinks that it will still be hard for Ford to get the number 1 position since car sales will be declining for this year. The company is struggling because its car production is low plus other car manufacturer’s marketing strategy such as aggressive incentive spending and car owners now are getting conscious of the increasing price of gasoline. The expected fall of Ford car sales is 12% while other car manufacturer will have sales decline by 14% or more. This is really not good news for all car manufacturers not only Ford but this could encourage them to innovate and create cars that can answer the growing concern of car owners and to compete highly with other car manufacturers.


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