Protecting Car Paint For Cars Without Car Park

There are apartments or houses that don’t have garage or car park. This could be a problem for car owners who are concern with their car’s paint. Car paint are really sensitive, if cars are just parked outside the house without any protection it would likely get scratches and smirks. Dew, dust, bird dropping, children playing can dent car paint.

Giving our car great look through car paint is expensive. Car paint that is full of scratches and dents are never pleasing to the eyes. It is important that one protects car paint especially if your home doesn’t have a garage or car park.

Do a regular car wash, say twice a week. A regular car wash is important so that dust and dirt will not accumulate. Wax it as well for added protection especially against acid rain. A water resistant car cover can do a lot to protect your car paint. But it is better to put car cover after the car wash. Dirt and dust that sits in between the car and car paint will just rub the paint, thus it is better to put car cover after the car wash but of course not immediately. Maintaining car paint is just easy but you really have to spend your time and money to keep your car paint always looking good and glossy and free from scratches.