Two Generations of Cadillac CTS

General Motors created CTS, a luxury car for Cadillac. This car falls under mid – size car as its class and has a body style of 4 – door sedan. Cadillac CTS became famous due to Matrix Reload which was used in that movie for some of their car chasing scenes.

Cadillac CTS has two generations; the first – generation was sold from the 2003 – 2007 model years. These first generation cars had lean, chiseled body features sheer forms, sharp edges and crisp intersecting lines which are uniquely Cadillac’s look. The second generation is the new 2008 CTS, design and style came from the first generation of Cadillac but what distinguishes second generation Cadillac CTS is its combination of luxury, technology and performance, all of this is possessed by each 2008 Cadillac CTS.

Whether you got the first generation or second generation Cadillac CTS, one will never forget its design. As a matter of fact many car buyers are primarily attracted to its design other than anything. Cadillac CTS cars are trend – setters, they gave car elegance a new name.