Choppers Custom Motorcycle

You see a motorcycle that is very much different from those motorcycles running on the road, and you wonder what kind motorcycle is that, what brand, make and model? Well, that one-of-a-kind, unusual, unique motorcycle is a custom motorcycle. Unlike the standard manufactured motorcycles, custom motorcycles are individually produced. There are custom motorcycle manufacturer who made custom motorcycle by order or if ever they make it will just be of a very limited number. Though there are manufacturers of custom motorcycles but motorcycle owners are proud if they are able to customize their own motorcycle at their home garage.

Custom motorcycle started long time ago, in the early years it actually became a fashionable status symbol. One of the famous custom motorcycles is the Choppers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Choppers custom motorcycle have sprouting extended forks, stepped saddles, tall sissy bars and wild paint schemes and with a die cast. In the earlier years custom motorcycles were built in 1940s which were from surplus military bikes whose unnecessary parts were stripped off.