Hit And Run

Among the vehicles, motorcycle is such a risky one. This is a given fact for motorcycle riders that they have come to accept. For all of us, getting into a motorcycle accident or any kind of accident for that matter is never and will never be a welcome experience. Any kind of motorcycle accident can happen to its rider / s or just about anybody in the road. But hit and run motorcycle accident is considered to be the most frightening accident that can happen to anyone, not only motorcycle.

Hit and run is an accident where the offender did not stop after an accident. Knowing the vulnerability of motorcycle to accident the driver or whoever is the victim in the motorcycle accident will have no one to sue plus the insurance company will not give claim. Hit and run is such a frightening experience but still there is a way for the offender to be liable. Hopefully the victim somehow got the vehicle’s plate number and has witnesses to help solve this accident. Hit and run motorcycle accident often takes a while to be resolve; the offender can hide for some time but his conscience will always be guilty.