Mouse Trap Toy Cars

Many of the car enthusiasts probably were making mousetrap cars in their childhood years. It has been always a favorite challenge for elementary students even college ones as they study physics. Because of that mousetrap cars not just became another of those instructional materials used in physics but then became toys for young and oldies. Mousetrap cars are toy cars built though mousetrap which ran also because of the mouse trap. Mousetrap cars are great racer cars because they are designed to travel fast at the furthest distance possible.

Building mousetrap cars is very easy because it can be done in just a couple of hours or so with materials that are just can be found inside your home – CD, pen axle and of course the mouse trap which runs the mousetrap cars specifically the spring. Use spring to harness the spring of the mousetrap and then you can easily drive the spring of the mousetrap car. There are many instructions available on the web which is even step – by – step procedure to easily assist you to make mousetrap cars. Though there are some who do not use these instructional materials because they say it’s all a matter of common sense.


  1. no offense dude, but that car looks dangerous. Did you use a concrete nail for the axle?

    i don’t mean to scrutinize your design but i think you could have used a safer and lighter material for the axle.

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