Abandoned Mercedes Car

Early this month, Britney Spears was seen driving her Mercedes car in the Brentwod when her car’s right front tire suddenly went flat.  She might have thought that the flat tire will still be able to hold on so she still drove it for another two miles. She must have been irritated driving her Mercedes with flat tire and all those paparazzi running after her; Britney Spears and her companion decided to pulled the car to a stop and abandon the car on the street in the middle of rush – hour traffic.

 Her Mercedes car was actually just one of several cars Britney Spears has. It is no wonder that she did not think twice about leaving her flat tired Mercedes car in the street. According to Us magazine.com, Britney Spears’ Mercedes car was towed and impounded by a towing company and until now has not been pick up yet (if Britney has plan of doing so).  With Britney’s attitude and the number of beautiful cars she has; would she still care for a flat tire car even if it’s a Mercedes?