Ghost Car Stories

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It is truly unexplainable; there is no fact to explain the ghost car experience. Some had several experienced encountering a ghost car in the road while others do not believe that such thing could ever exist or happen.

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Some of us may have encountered ghost cars but did not accept the idea that it is actually a ghost car because it is really frightening thought. But if you experienced a car following you that suddenly disappear out of nowhere, how would you explain that? Or the feeling that someone is sitting in your rear seat even if you’re all alone in the car. Some says that ghost car is a haunted vehicle that appears and disappears at the spot where an accident occurred. If you passed by a place and encountered a ghost car, this may probably the reason for its appearance; though usually ghost car appears at those dark, lonely and strange highways. The really scary thing about this is that when you encountered a ghost car, don’t let fear eat you up or overcome you or else you will likely end up in the accident and hopefully won’t be another ghost car in town.

These are just some of the few experiences with ghost car. There are many videos and photos of it online, have a look at some of them and judge it for yourself if there is really such thing as ghost car.

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