T Rex Motorcycle Safety

Posted by admin in Classic Cars (January 18, 2008 at 6:47 am)

Motorcycles are considered to be a dangerous vehicle; a risky ride to take. Unlike cars, motorcycles has no exterior parts that can protect riders incase of accident. All body parts of the rider is exposed to any elements that may cause an accident. Thus a rider must initiate to protect himself by wearing protective gear. But there is a motorcycle that is safe to ride and protects the rider.

T Rex Motorcycle though looks like a car obviously is a motorcycle. But when it comes to safety or protection, it protects like a car. Its body frame is like a car – a tear drop shape where the rider can seat inside, thus its frame alone protects the whole body of the rider. It has seat belt that will hold the rider in case of sudden impact. In terms of performance, this motorcycle is made of advance technology thus rider is assured that its parts will not easily break down. T Rex Motorcycle gives rider great riding experience plus protection and safety.

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  1. t rex motorcycle Says:

    […] its body and performance is close to a car, T rex motorcycle is the safest motorcyle to ride.http://www.customcarland.com/2008/01/18/t-rex-motorcycle-safety/Gallery 69 T-RexMy thanks go to Chris Keller for these photographs of the T-Rex. … In 2 days i saw […]

  2. jay williams Says:

    yo dis ride is trill i saw it race da lamborghini mierciealago on youtube and it smoked it so really what is da top speed and da horsepower of da T-Rex

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