The Problem With Loud Car Stereos

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 Car stereos are placed in the car for the purpose of entertaining us during a long drive. Now it is not only for the purpose of listening but has become a passionate hobby for others and becoming an important part of cultural identity and lifestyle. Adding additional equipments like subwoofers, big speakers to the basic car stereo change the car stereo trend of today. These additional equipments make the sound of car stereo very loud, catching the attention of many people.

 Though loud speakers are cool for those who like playing their music very loud;  it has become one of the most common problem in many areas and to many authorities. Sound from loud speaker is not only heard but also felt; it is due to the vibration of the sounds through the sub woofer speaker. Loud car stereos irritate many people; this can also lead to road accidents because drivers cannot hear the emergency signals.

 It may seem that loud car stereo is just a small thing to create this issue, but it does really create various road and area problems. There is nothing wrong with playing music and expressing identity and culture but we should as always be considerate of others because others are also considerate of us. We all need to think of others too and not only of ourselves so we can make our world a better place and will have more time, long life listening to our fave music over our car stereos.

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Basic Equipment Of Car Stereos

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Car stereos nowadays are getting complicated. Some car enthusiasts are not satisfied with the basic equipment of car stereos, more and more equipments are being added to the simple basic equipment of car stereos. If one just wanted to replace the factory radio and get rid of the dull sound from it, you just simply have to have the basic equipment of car stereos.
 The first thing the one needs for a car stereo is a CD deck that comes with built in amplifier that can power the speakers; MP3 readable is much recommended to be able to play hundred of songs.  The CD deck must have LCD that displays the tracks and 3 – band equalizer. The equalizer will adjust the sound through the bass and treble producing a sound to your liking.

 To replace you factory radio, you only need a speaker and a CD deck, which is if you only want to hear music playing with a quality sound as your drive. Though this still may vary depending upon the kind of music you go for. If you go for hip – hop, it’s great with sub – woofers, so you may want to add it to your car stereo. One can go away with those flashy or blinking lights in car deck. But if you have the budget, obviously you can afford other car stereo accessories.

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Car Audio Systems Give You The Entertainment You Need

Posted by admin in Car Audio (November 28, 2007 at 3:28 am)

Long drives can be pretty tiring and quite boring especially if you are all alone and all you see is a vast expanse of desert all around you and some cactus shrubs every now and then. You need something to entertain you and keep your mind active and focused on the task at hand which is driving safely.

A car audio system would be able to help you with this. This is one very sure example why all new cars and vehicles being sold in the auto markets around the globe boast of the best types of car audio systems as well as the really good speakers that come with such and such packages.

If you are in the dark about what a car audio is, it is actually a term that is often used to refer to a sound system (though not necessarily complete) that can be installed and used in an automobile. Most audio systems nowadays offer various features that could include cassette players, CD players, CD changers for quite a number of CDs, iPod jacks, MP3 connectivity, satellite radio connection, and just plain radio. Of course, there also are the speakers, amplifiers, and equalizers.

There are car audio systems which have been built just for a certain vehicle. This usually happens when the car manufacturer decides to do a new (or upgraded) vehicle and they have this collaboration with car audio makers. Together, they make something unique and catchy for the market. In fact, there are some vehicles with special car audio systems which you can control via some buttons directly installed within the steering wheel.

Some people love car audio units so much so that they decide to put in a huge system right in their vehicle. These people design just how they can blast out the perfect sound via their car audios. There are even events which showcase the various upgraded and customized car audio systems in different vehicles.

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Great Sounds, Great Ride

Posted by admin in Car Audio (November 9, 2007 at 5:00 am)

One of the basic things a car must have especially if it is every day use is to put comfort as much as possible. The music from a car stereo makes a lot of thing in your mood as you go to your way especially when your favorite music is on play. Car stereo may give a look in your car, whether you want to be stylish, power with that sound blasting music coming from your car and or basically just a clean, nice music to enjoy. Car stereo have been through a lot of evolution due to technology; the basic: radio/tape player/CD player/DVD player and now the additions CD player with MP3, USB, Blue tooth, Wi-Fi, WMA, AAC, DVD players, LCD screens, TV players; a complete audio plus video system.

Well, whatever you have be sure to have the necessary car stereo accessory to give you a quality sound. Not all car stereo accessories are actually needed especially with the kind of music you really like to listen. For one, you don’t need a sub woofer when what you like are those ballad or classical songs. But of course you need speakers whether it is place in the doors and rear parcel shelves in modern cars or mounted in “kick panel” enclosures. If you want a loud speaker, get an amplifier. Whatever car stereo or car audio you buy make sure that it suits with the music you listen, after all it is what really matters –the music. Get the best – sounding and the highest quality so you will enjoy the music as you ride. You only have to consider your music and your budget. Some car stereo dealers may install it for you especially when you buy it from them, make sure you ask them so you will save a lot of money. Or else get a professional to do it for you. And the last thing; make the necessary security for your car stereo; I’m sure you don’t want it to be stolen especially if you spent a lot on it.

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Unlocking Your Car Radio Security Code

Posted by admin in Car Audio (October 22, 2007 at 3:30 pm)

When you buy a car either new or used, a car radio security system is already installed on it, which either came from the factory of the car or bought in auto supplies. Car radio is not just place in a car for entertainment purposes; it is rather for security reason. Car radio security has code that protects the car. So if ever the car is stolen, there is a great chance for the car to be traced. Car radio signals emits sounds that help in tracing the location of the car. Car radio security codes are not all the same; they vary depending on the make and model of the radio and the type of car it is installed. There are car radio security systems that are made especially for specific kind of car whose program is suited for it.
Though there is a great problem regarding this when you buy a used car, since factory car radio security codes are given are given to its original buyer, who over the years might have lost the security code. Car radio security codes are always needed incase your car breakdown or need repairing or when battery was disconnected. When the battery is reconnected you need to press the car radio security code for it’s alarm to function gain. Car radio security codes are often three to four digit codes.
If you have forgotten the code or never knew it, there are experts into decoding or recoding your car radio security code whom you can pay for their services. Or you can talk with the factory where the radio came from and ask for the code, which is a big hassle especially when your car is an every day necessity for you. There are as well sites that can help you find the car radio security code but doing this thing on your own needs a lot of cautious in your part or else you might just mess more your security code.

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