Ford Cars At NAIAS

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Are you looking forward to being at the North American International Auto Show this coming January 14th? After all, every person in the automotive industry is very much familiar with what the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is all about. It is one of the largest auto shows in the whole auto industry and that is why it is also one of the most attended car shows. It shows cases tons of vehicles and automotive products.

The Ford Motor Company surely would not want to be left behind when it comes to this event. After all, if they would showcase tons of the best Ford cars they have in their range, it is very much likely that the viewers and attendees would take notice of what they have to offer. In the process, it would mean that Ford would be reaping in tons in sales and revenue of their Ford cars which would be a good thing for this company who needs all the financial help it can get.


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At present, the auto industry is still mystified as per what Ford would be bringing at the upcoming auto show? Would they be showing newer Ford cars? Or would they be bringing in more Ford trucks instead? Or has Ford been preparing to show a new breed of Ford vehicles instead?

So far, the only piece of news that Ford has sent out is that they are going to bring out the 2009 Ford F-150 which is claimed to have been revamped and refurbished. However, there is still no news as per what would the changes be. The only thing that Ford has announced regarding this Ford car is that it would be coming with a new Ford F-150 logo. But experts do think that this is not the only change that the vehicle has.

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The Humble Beginnings Of Princess Auto

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Would you believe that from a small business, an automotive giant would emerge? Well, if you are talking about an overnight transformation, you would have to make sure that you give me really dramatic and rational reasons why this is so. But if it did take tons of hard work and lots of sweat, then there is a big chance of me believing that story.

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The latter is the case of Princess Auto. For this company, everything started out really fine. Just imagine, in the picturesque town of Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, Harvey Tallman actually is the main character in the beginning of Princess Auto. It was back in the year 1942 when Tallman decided to trade in his trusted truck so as to be able to start a good business. A good business it really was for from that small scheme, a really huge one popped through years of perseverance and hard work.

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Mainly operating in the North American country of Canada, Princess Auto has become a huge company that sells surplus automotive items for farm, garage, and industrial use. So they are more focused on providing the market with items for trucks and other vehicles used in businesses. Just like its humble beginnings, Princess Auto still continues to be a reliable retail chain of supplies for vehicles.

It is very assuring to note that Princess Auto makes sure that all of its products and items are of great quality and would be able to make the customer smile for each purchase. Just imagine, this company has got the reputation in the country that it comes with a “Royal Service” seal. Also, the company’s products are known for the “No sale is final until you’re satisfied” seal on each item that they are offering the market. Now that is quality if you ask me.

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Looking At Car Pictures

Posted by admin in Cars (January 17, 2008 at 4:42 am)

Whether we are just an ordinary person, young or old; we all love looking at car pictures especially of our dream car. Unlike those earlier days that we have to buy these car pictures to own some; now it’s all free over the internet. High quality car pictures are great as wallpapers for our desktop or screensaver. From these car sites in the internet, not only car pictures are available but also car news from all over the world.

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Choose from the various kinds of car pictures; all kinds of cars have car pictures – exotic cars, sports cars, muscle cars, super cars, import cars, custom cars and the greatest car from all over the world, they are all available in all car makes and models. Some car pictures even show the interior and exterior parts of the car; this is a great way to get ideas for your car. Looking at car pictures makes us smile and continue to dream about beautiful cars.

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High Speed And High Power Cars

Posted by admin in Cars (January 16, 2008 at 3:04 pm)

Drag racing is one of the most world’s extreme sports car yet many people love this game. Drag racing fans are always updated with the latest news, trends and racing events. They are all familiar with different, sometimes confusing drag racing rules especially when it comes to the drag cars.
There are actually many drag cars involved in drag racing. But of course not all of these drag cars race at the same time. Each drag race car has a specific category and own set of rules to follow in the drag race. Drag race cars are the top fuel dragster which uses nitromethane as fuel though there are also some which uses ethanol. Included also in the drag race cars are Pro Modified, Pro Stock and Funny Cars. Though they have different category or classes yet all of them run in high speed and are very high power cars.

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Free Exotic Car Wallpapers

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Car enthusiasts who are into collecting car wallpapers chooses those beautiful and high quality wallpapers. Finding these kinds of car wallpapers is never a problem; there are just thousands of car wallpapers one can choose from. Wallpapers of sports car, muscle car, exotic cars all are free to download for your desktop.

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Exotic car wallpapers are the most like car wallpapers because they have great unique design, stunning flashy car paint color; they are rare, fast and powerful automobiles. These high quality exotic car wallpapers are great for background images in your desktop or be a screen saver. Some of the stunning exotic car wallpapers are of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and the likes. You can have these exotic car wallpapers over the internet free and fast and easy downloadable.

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Police Ghost Cars

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Ghost cars are often referred to a frightening experience. But there are some car owners or cars that choose to make their car like a ghost car. Police cars for instance are also called ghost cars because they will suddenly appear from nowhere to chase a speeding car. At night, police cars are parked in dark areas like behind billboards or dark parking lots looking for over – speeding drivers.

Police cars have their head lights off as they wait for those over speeding cars. They uses hen their day – running lights which gives the “ghostly” appearance. Once they saw an over speeding car they will instantly appear to chase a speeding car. You will just be surprise as to where this car came from or suddenly appear. For you not to be chase by these “ghost car”, obey traffic rules.

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Abandoned Mercedes Car

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Early this month, Britney Spears was seen driving her Mercedes car in th Brentwod when her car’s right front tire suddenly went flat.  She might have thought that the flat tire will still be able to hold on so she still drove it for another two miles. She must have been irritated driving her Mercedes with flat tire and all those paparazzi running after her; Britney Spears and her companion decided to pulled the car to a stop and abandon the car on the street in the middle of rush – hour traffic.

 Her Mercedes car was actually just one of several cars Britney Spears has. It is no wonder that she did not think twice about leaving her flat tired Mercedes car in the street. According to Us, Britney Spears’ Mercedes car was towed and impounded by a towing company and until now has not been pick up yet (if Britney has plan of doing so).  With Britney’s attitude and the number of beautiful cars she has; would she still care for a flat tire car even if it’s a Mercedes?

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Two Generations of Cadillac CTS

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General Motors created CTS, a luxury car for Cadillac. This car falls under mid – size car as its class and has a body style of 4 – door sedan. Cadillac CTS became famous due to Matrix Reload which was used in that movie for some of their car chasing scenes.

Cadillac CTS has two generations; the first – generation was sold from the 2003 – 2007 model years. These first generation cars had lean, chiseled body features sheer forms, sharp edges and crisp intersecting lines which are uniquely Cadillac’s look. The second generation is the new 2008 CTS, design and style came from the first generation of Cadillac but what distinguishes second generation Cadillac CTS is its combination of luxury, technology and performance, all of this is possessed by each 2008 Cadillac CTS.

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Whether you got the first generation or second generation Cadillac CTS, one will never forget its design. As a matter of fact many car buyers are primarily attracted to its design other than anything. Cadillac CTS cars are trend – setters, they gave car elegance a new name.

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12% Decrease In Ford Car Sales

Posted by admin in Cars (January 11, 2008 at 3:54 am)

According to MSNBC auto news auto sales will be getting down even more for this year compared to last year’s sale. This is according to several auto analysts and this prediction applies to all car manufacturers including Ford. Ford has been in number 2 position for a long time when it comes to car sales and they were hoping to be number 1.

But analysts thinks that it will still be hard for Ford to get the number 1 position since car sales will be declining for this year. The company is struggling because its car production is low plus other car manufacturer’s marketing strategy such as aggressive incentive spending and car owners now are getting conscious of the increasing price of gasoline. The expected fall of Ford car sales is 12% while other car manufacturer will have sales decline by 14% or more. This is really not good news for all car manufacturers not only Ford but this could encourage them to innovate and create cars that can answer the growing concern of car owners and to compete highly with other car manufacturers.

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Infiniti Cars, What Sets Them Apart?

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One of Japan’s car manufacturer companies, Infinity started producing quality and advance cars for many countries of the world since 1989. Infinity is best known for the beautiful luxury automobiles they make that are built in very good and proper way. Infinity cars are known around the world to be of high performance because its parts and accessories are made of high quality which Infinity itself made.

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Infinity cars are available in any shape of automobile; they are comfortable and very safe cars which are made from latest technology in car industries. Their car designs are always new because they are never afraid to try new designs. Some of the new models of Infinity cars are Infiniti EX35, FX SUV, 2008 Infiniti M, 2008 Infiniti M35 Sedans, Infiniti M45 Sedans, 2208 Infiniti G37 and a lot more. When you see one of these Infiniti cars, you can easily tell what separates Infiniti cars from other brand of cars.

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