1932 Chevy Ratrod

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1932 Chevy Riding in Roger Mirets 32′ Chevy to the Ol’ Skool Fest in Phoenix Arizona

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Car Videos hosted at Drag Tube

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T Rex Motorcycle Safety

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Motorcycles are considered to be a dangerous vehicle; a risky ride to take. Unlike cars, motorcycles has no exterior parts that can protect riders incase of accident. All body parts of the rider is exposed to any elements that may cause an accident. Thus a rider must initiate to protect himself by wearing protective gear. But there is a motorcycle that is safe to ride and protects the rider.

T Rex Motorcycle though looks like a car obviously is a motorcycle. But when it comes to safety or protection, it protects like a car. Its body frame is like a car – a tear drop shape where the rider can seat inside, thus its frame alone protects the whole body of the rider. It has seat belt that will hold the rider in case of sudden impact. In terms of performance, this motorcycle is made of advance technology thus rider is assured that its parts will not easily break down. T Rex Motorcycle gives rider great riding experience plus protection and safety.


Britney's 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster

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The Silver 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster is just one of the several cars Britney Spears has. She actually bought this car two years ago, (have no idea if she still have it) some says the car was a replica while some says it’s a fake 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster.

 Britney will be having difficulty in driving this classic car since it has a manual transmission. This car has a price of $70,000.00 when she bought it two years ago. Her 1956 Porsche 356A is still in prime condition and knowing Porsche classic car styles – they are superb.

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Motorcycle Crashes

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Motorcycle crashes is just one of the many motorcycle accidents that can happen to any rider. This kind of motorcycle crashes involves another motorcycle or vehicle that hits each other. Motorcycle crashes could have been emitted if drivers pay attention to the road and obey road signals.

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Do you know that a minor motorcycle crash can lead to death? It is possible and motorcycle rides have greater possibility of ending their due to little protection of motorcycles. Many victims of motorcycle crashes may have save their life but some got injuries in head or back and spine that may require rehabilitation.

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It is always a must to wear protective gear wherever you are going with your motorcycle. Don’t be confident and under estimate your protective gears, they can save your life. And of course, don’t forget your insurance which lessens your expenses in case motorcycle accident like motorcycle crashes happened.

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Choppers Custom Motorcycle

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You see a motorcycle that is very much different from those motorcycles running on the road, and you wonder what kind motorcycle is that, what brand, make and model? Well, that one-of-a-kind, unusual, unique motorcycle is a custom motorcycle. Unlike the standard manufactured motorcycles, custom motorcycles are individually produced. There are custom motorcycle manufacturer who made custom motorcycle by order or if ever they make it will just be of a very limited number. Though there are manufacturers of custom motorcycles but motorcycle owners are proud if they are able to customize their own motorcycle at their home garage.

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Custom motorcycle started long time ago, in the early years it actually became a fashionable status symbol. One of the famous custom motorcycles is the Choppers of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Choppers custom motorcycle have sprouting extended forks, stepped saddles, tall sissy bars and wild paint schemes and with a die cast. In the earlier years custom motorcycles were built in 1940s which were from surplus military bikes whose unnecessary parts were stripped off.

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Know The Value Of Your Classic Car

Posted by admin in Classic Cars (January 10, 2008 at 3:07 pm)

Knowing your classic car values is important for you to get a fair deal in your transactions whether you are selling, buying or trading your classic car. There are several price guidelines for classic cars that one can consult; some of them are the Edmunds, NADA, Kelly Blue Book and other more. Getting a classic car value online is easy; just go to the sites of these price guidelines, give your zip code that makes valuing easy and then you will select the brand, make and model or year of your classic car and you will get your classic car value instantly.

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Basically, classic car values fall into three categories: High Retail Value, a classic car in this value is still in very good condition and that there are no repairs needed for this car. Next is the Average Retail Value, the classic car is in good condition and is well running in its interior and exterior parts. The last, is the Low Retail Value, this classic car is still in condition but a minor reconditioning is necessary but is still usable.

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These classic car values will not entirely be applicable to all classic cars. Most of the classic cars as we know are not use daily as a regular means of transportation but are kept in museum or car shows. Classic cars that are use for car shows or museum have different value. Classic car values may increase or decrease which really depends on the actual or physical condition of the classic car, mileage, modifications and other changes in the classic car. The classic car values given by these guidelines are just an estimate to help classic car owners value their classic car; thus classic car values may be a little higher or lower than the given value of these classic car value guidelines.

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Auto Parts For Ford Cars

Posted by admin in Classic Cars (December 26, 2007 at 4:24 pm)

Looking for Ford auto parts? Fixing a Ford car? Or you want to replace an old Ford auto parts? There are plenty of Ford auto parts in an auto or over the internet. Looking for Ford auto parts will never be a worry. Ford is one of the first big car manufacturers in the US. Ford cars are known to be of high quality and its auto parts are of high performance. And so Ford car owners will never replace their Ford auto parts with just nay auto parts; they will specifically look for Ford auto parts.

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Many online auto shops has Ford auto parts ranging from hoods, rear bumper, engine parts, electrical parts, brakes, cold air intake, Probe performance chip, exhaust system and transmission. Other than Ford auto parts, there are also Ford accessories sold ay auto shops car covers, floor mats and cargo liners. With the availability of these Ford auto parts, your Ford car will still have the same image and performance it posses. When buying for a Ford auto part, make sure that it is an original auto part made by Ford.

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Proper Care Of Car Cover

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A car cover is designed to protect our vehicle from any falling dirt while in garage. It must no be use to cover car while towing; a car cover that is damaged while covering the car can also damaged the car itself. Make sure to tie down the loops and ropes securely, loops and ropes are designed to be tied down so that even those dust or dirt coming under the car will not go to the car. Every thing in a car cover must be properly used to protect the car.

In return to this, the car owner should also protect and clean the car cover. There are two ways to clean car cover; either by washing or wiping it depending on the kind of car cover you have. Many of the car cover can be washed at home with a washing machine and dryers. Do not use detergent soap with bleach and never wash it with hot water. If car cover is not properly washed or is never washed, it will in time damage the car through small lines we will not notice easily. Read instruction in how to wash car cover properly for your car to benefit with car cover that is well taken care after.

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Vintage Cars Are Great Wedding Cars

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Many soon to be wed couples choose to have traditional weddings. They arrange every thing from the church to the reception a traditional look. For couples who are into classic era, vintage cars with its classic look are great for traditional weddings. Many colors of vintage cars perfectly fit the very white wedding dress of the bride. Color such as black, blue, maroon and all white are the usual colors of vintage cars that match well with wedding dress.

There are many vintage car models that can be use as bridal cars such as the luxury vintage cars or the modern vintage cars. And if you want to hire vintage car to be use in your wedding, there are many vintage car hire companies that are providing this services. Vintage cars that are great wedding cars are the 1930’s Style Regent Landau, 1930’s Style Model ‘A’ Ford, 1930 Vintage Rolls Royce Tourer, 1930’s Style Ford Model ‘A’ Limousine.

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Feautures Of Early Vintage Cars

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Classic cars, antique cars are also referred to vintage cars. But there are some debates regarding the age of these three cars though somehow they closely refer to one another. Among the three vintage cars are the oldest as they are generally categorized as cars built between 1919 and 1930. Classic cars on the other hand are classified as cars made 25 years ago. Thus, if one would calculate, vintage cars then are the oldest among the three. Classic car clubs have no exact definition of these three old cars – classic cars, antique cars and vintage cars.

 Though discussions regarding the exact year of vintage cars may not end, during this era of vintage cars many car feautures where introduced. During the vintage cars were the first to use these car features; vintage cars first used the heating system in car. Radios, power steering and four wheel braking were introduced during this era too. Vintage cars then were more than just a transportation but also they were comfort and convenience.

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