So You Want A Victory Motorcycle

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Proudly American made and manufactured right in the US state of Minnesota. The Victory motorcycle’s history dates back to the year 1997 and so it has been a little over a decade since the very first unit roared right off the manufacturing and assembly plant and soared its way through the streets. At present, Victory motorcycles come in three different forms and styles – motorcycle tourers, cruisers, and sport tourers. Which one is going to be yours?

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You can visit the Victory Motorcycle web site and you would be given the chance to check out the various models that they have. One of the most interesting features that they have on their web site is that function which allows you to design your own Victory motorcycle and then after it is completed, you can get a quote on how much it would take for you to own your design.

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To start designing your motorcycle, you should first pick what model you would like your unit to be. You can choose between Vegas, Vegas Low, Jackpot, Hammer, Kingpin/Tour, and Victory Vision. After choosing one, you would then be asked what color you would like your unit to be. After that, you would be given yet another range of options and you could choose which ones you would like your motorcycle to have.

When you have completed choosing and designing your Victory motorcycle, you would then be sent to a page where you would have to fill in your information. Your registration would allow you to further customize your unit. After that, when you have completed all the options, you would then be given the quote of how much the complete unit you have designed will cost.

Options like this allow consumers to find out the total cost of owning a Victory motorcycle and that would prove to be quite an advantage.

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Chrome Rims Could Get Your Car Stolen

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If you have got a vehicle that just makes everyone’s heads turn each time you pass by, then you most certainly are the envy of most people. But you are also attracting the attention of some wrongdoers. These bad people may like your vehicle and take off with it in the form of a carjack.

Recently, a United States senator just had been carjacked. According to the police who have been working on the incident, they strongly believe that the men who took off with the senator’s vehicle were after the car’s flashy and sparkling chrome rims.

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It is important to note that the vehicle was the senator’s to use but it was actually owned by the United States Senate. In that sense, it means that the vehicle is entirely in good condition and so would be each and every auto part that comprises it – including the chrome rims which really attract much attention.

The chrome rims belonged to a 2006 model Dodge Charger. And the vehicle was painted in a hue of Candy Apple which even made the vehicle flashier than ever. Each chrome rim that is good condition could sell much so it is not surprising if the thieves were riveted to the vehicle.

According to the senator, the incident happened with a man who knocked on the window of his Candy Apple-painted Dodge Charger. The man held a gun and told him to get out of his own vehicle. And so the senator had no choice but to get out of his vehicle. The thief went inside and sped away with the vehicle on chrome rims.

This should be one of the disadvantages of being envied because you have a flashy and really good looking car. Others envy you and car thieves get attracted to it.

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Enjoy Your Ride With Others

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Motorcycle enthusiasts have great feeling when they share with other enthusiasts their passion for motorcycle. Motorcycle clubs is the best venue for motorcycle enthusiast to have fun and just talk about anything regarding their ride. They are not just some clubs but they are organized with elected officer, by – laws and membership. Obviously to be a member of motorcycle club one must posses a motorcycle of his own, whatever motorcycle brand, make and model it is.

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There are different kinds of motorcycle clubs; some motorcycle clubs are by motorcycle brand, motorcycle clubs for women, motorcycle clubs that are family oriented and other more; but mostly of the motorcycle clubs are by area, for sure there is a motorcycle club in your local area which is often called chapter. Whatever type of motorcycle club you joined, motorcycle clubs are great place for motorcycle enthusiast to have camaraderie, acceptance, help other members with their motorcycle concern, enjoy motorcycle events and rides and other activities that will make one appreciate his or her ride.

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The Three – Wheeled Motorbike

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You must have seen this motorcycle that looks like a car or a car that look like a motorcycle; confusing indeed. T- Rex a motorcycle that looks like a car or a car that look like a motorcycle falls under the category of motorcycle; it is a motorcycle. Campagna Corporation of Canada started manufacturing T – Rex Motorcycle in 1990. The very unique concept of T – Rex Motorcycle gave Campagna Corporation a name in the automotive world because it is technologically advance, fuel economy and as you see very different from other motorcycle.

T – Rex motorcycle uses 1.4 L, 4 – cylinder engine, can speed up up to 253 km/h and accelerates 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. It has two passenger seats side –by-side, foot – pedal box, adjustable seat backs, seat belts and manual transmission. This motorcycle is light weight because it has no doors or windshield, though it can have if prefer and other unique features. T – Rex motorcycle can be customize as well. Its great features and unique design make every vehicle enthusiast love it. This motorcycle can be bought for a price starting at $49,999.00.

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Shop Online For Hard-To-Find Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

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There are many Yamaha motorcycle parts shops or dealer where one can buy Yamaha motorcycle parts can be seen whether you need as replacement or an original part for customizing. Some parts can be easily found but there are those hard-to-find Yamaha motorcycle parts.

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Shopping online for Yamaha motorcycle parts is very easy. The web is the best place to look for the hard-to find motorcycle parts, it will be able to save you a lot of time compare to going to different motorcycle parts dealer. Almost every Yamaha motorcycle parts online shop has a part in their site where you can put details about the Yamaha motorcycle parts you are looking. Give the Yamaha motorcycle’s model year that you need this will give you all the Yamaha motorcycle parts for that model year. But for a faster and easier search, give the Yamaha motorcycle part number; this will give you specific result. With the technology today, you don’t need to wait for months or years for the Yamaha motorcycle parts to be available.

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New Look With Car Graphics

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Want a new look for your car without spending too much? Car graphics are the easiest and cheapest way to give your car a new look. Though it is cheap but your car will be surely notices. Car graphics will definitely change your car’s look and awe every one on the road. Car graphics are very appealing to almost anyone. Car graphics have various designs you can choose from: tribal graphics, racing stripes, ghost flames, shred, dragon, stripes, sun stripes; you can even customize your design by creating one of yours and they will create it for you.

Car graphics are easy install; they can be applied on any clean surface of the vehicle such door, side, glass window, windscreen and many more. In shopping for car graphics make sure that it is made of quality material which is the self adhesive vinyl. This type of material does not fade and stick to any smooth surface; they actually will last eight years. By that time you’ve probably changed your car graphics several times already.

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Ghost Car Stories

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It is truly unexplainable; there is no fact to explain the ghost car experience. Some had several experienced encountering a ghost car in the road while others do not believe that such thing could ever exist or happen.

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Some of us may have encountered ghost cars but did not accept the idea that it is actually a ghost car because it is really frightening thought. But if you experienced a car following you that suddenly disappear out of nowhere, how would you explain that? Or the feeling that someone is sitting in your rear seat even if you’re all alone in the car. Some says that ghost car is a haunted vehicle that appears and disappears at the spot where an accident occurred. If you passed by a place and encountered a ghost car, this may probably the reason for its appearance; though usually ghost car appears at those dark, lonely and strange highways. The really scary thing about this is that when you encountered a ghost car, don’t let fear eat you up or overcome you or else you will likely end up in the accident and hopefully won’t be another ghost car in town.

These are just some of the few experiences with ghost car. There are many videos and photos of it online, have a look at some of them and judge it for yourself if there is really such thing as ghost car.

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Hit And Run

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Among the vehicles, motorcycle is such a risky one. This is a given fact for motorcycle riders that they have come to accept. For all of us, getting into a motorcycle accident or any kind of accident for that matter is never and will never be a welcome experience. Any kind of motorcycle accident can happen to its rider / s or just about anybody in the road. But hit and run motorcycle accident is considered to be the most frightening accident that can happen to anyone, not only motorcycle.

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Hit and run is an accident where the offender did not stop after an accident. Knowing the vulnerability of motorcycle to accident the driver or whoever is the victim in the motorcycle accident will have no one to sue plus the insurance company will not give claim. Hit and run is such a frightening experience but still there is a way for the offender to be liable. Hopefully the victim somehow got the vehicle’s plate number and has witnesses to help solve this accident. Hit and run motorcycle accident often takes a while to be resolve; the offender can hide for some time but his conscience will always be guilty.

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Have Your Car Washed By Car Wash Babes

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How many times does your car get car wash? There are many good reasons to get your car dirty at all times…carwash babes! Not every one might like the idea, but for sure guys would run just to see carwash babes in scantily clad clothes soaping down their car. Car wash babes wearing bikini with wet water is actually more fun compared to the regular car wash.

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Most of the carwash babes don’t mind if they get all wet and soapy at car wash. They actually delight in showing their rounded booty. Plus they get better promotion if they are in a swimsuit or bikini, showing some skin. Guys will surely line up even if it is raining and their car has been washed 3 times just to see these car wash babes clean their car.

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Mouse Trap Toy Cars

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Many of the car enthusiasts probably were making mousetrap cars in their childhood years. It has been always a favorite challenge for elementary students even college ones as they study physics. Because of that mousetrap cars not just became another of those instructional materials used in physics but then became toys for young and oldies. Mousetrap cars are toy cars built though mousetrap which ran also because of the mouse trap. Mousetrap cars are great racer cars because they are designed to travel fast at the furthest distance possible.

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Building mousetrap cars is very easy because it can be done in just a couple of hours or so with materials that are just can be found inside your home – CD, pen axle and of course the mouse trap which runs the mousetrap cars specifically the spring. Use spring to harness the spring of the mousetrap and then you can easily drive the spring of the mousetrap car. There are many instructions available on the web which is even step – by – step procedure to easily assist you to make mousetrap cars. Though there are some who do not use these instructional materials because they say it’s all a matter of common sense.